King's Gate Primary School

King's Gate Primary School is part of King Alfred Trust.

King Alfred Trust (KAT) was set up by the then Governors as the legal vehicle to allow Pewsey Primary School to become a Converter Academy on 1 April 2014. The school had to reach high standards to be allowed to convert and it received an Academy Order from the Secretary of State of Education in late 2013.  


King Alfred Trust is the Multi-Academy Trust structure currently with:  Pewsey Primary, Pewsey  and King's Gate Primary, Amesbury as the member schools.

Pewsey Primary School serves a catchment area centred on the village of Pewsey in Wiltshire. The School comprises 7 classes with a Published Admission Number of 30 and a whole school population of 210 children aged between 5 and 11. The school delivers education in the Early Years’ Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

King's Gate Primary is a new school - serving the King's Gate & Archer's Gate new housing developments in Amesbury.  The School comprises 6 classes currently, with a Published Admission Number also of 30. The school currently delivers education in Early Years' Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.