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Welcome to our Reception Class page, Thankyou for stopping by to visit our page and see some of the exciting learning in our class!



Welcome to our Reception class page!

We are very lucky to have a brand new school and so we have had the privilege to design our learning environment around the specific interests and needs of our children.  

We have designed a rich, stimulating environment using real and natural resources to encourage learning to be a multi sensory experience. 

Our children  are encouraged to be independent learners, learning through play based experiences and are encouraged to challenge themselves, ask questions and seek answers.

Come along and see us learn!

Mrs Gough

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Meet our class animals . . . 

Rosa is our hamster.  Rosa is a very big Syrian hamster, she loves eating blueberries and climbing upside down along her cage    

Ant and Dec are our Giant African Land Snails.  When we first rehomed them they were smaller than Mrs Goughs fingernail . . . they are growing really fast!  Ant and Dec love to eat cucumber, they even climb inside them!


Summer Term 2021

This term children have been off on a bear hunt!

Children were shocked to come to school and discover that all of our wonderful toy monkeys have disappeared . . . there are strange looking footprints all across the classroom - where have they come from?


Our book focus will be 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by the amazing author Michael Rosen.

Click here to watch the author sharing his wonderful story;

Michael Rosen performing 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'

Click here for our Summer Term Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 2021


Our Spring term focus was . . out of this world!

Our book focus will be 'How to catch a star' by the wonderful author Oliver Jeffers.

We will look at how technology supports our daily life and has helped people to reach their goals and even the moon!

We will talk about our wonderful world and will listen to music from around the globe.

Click here for our Spring Term Knowledge Organiser


Autumn Term 2020

Our Autumn theme was Heroes and Villains.

We began the term by finding out about real life heroes.  Starting with familiar heroes in our families.  

Children learnt about heroes that keep our country running such as Farmers during harvest time and amazing people who keep us safe.

As Autumn progressed the classroom was filled with Autumn treasures so that children could use all of their senses to explore the magical season.

Children then learnt about superheroes . . . like real superheroes they used their senses to complete some investigations!

* Click here for our Autumn term Knowledge Organiser

Class Newsletter Autumn term 2020

Summer Learning in Reception Class

Spring Learning in Reception Class

Autumn learning in Reception Class

In our reception class we love stories; to become a good writer you need to read . . . a lot! 


Here is our wonderful Early Years Learning Environment at King's Gate Primary school:

Awe and Wonder in Early Years...

To promote awe and wonder about our amazing world, children have the opportunity to take part in a 'WOW' science experiments. 

Children are encouraged to ask questions about the world we live in, the greatest scientists in the world ask questions . . . "The important thing is to never stop asking questions" Albert Einstein.

In the learning environment we have an 'Investigation Station' where children can investigate, talk and predict with their friends.

A day in the life of King's Gate Reception Class!


Children come into school and hang up their self registration apples on the tree.

IMG_0310.JPG Straight onto our mini me activities: these are short activities designed to support the development of fine motor skills.


Once all of the grown ups have left, children start the day with either who's news, dough disco, squiggle while you wiggle, yoga or rock out to get them ready and enthusiastic for the day ahead!



Child Initiated Learning: this is where children choose their own learning in our environment.



Snack shack open: we love to promote independence in our class.  Children exchange their self registration apples for real money to pay for their own snack.  The snack area is set up and run by the children, teaching real life skills.






After playtime

Phonics:  children take part in phonics everyday.  We follow letters and sounds.


Marvellous maths: we follow White Rose Maths which is a play based maths curriculum for early years teaching children practical, pictoral and then abstract representations.



Storytime and then Lunchtime



In the afternoon we begin with a question for the day: some of these have concrete answers such as: what is your favourite colour?

Other questions are more abstract such as How did a tiger get his stripes?



Child Initiated Learning free flow with our indoor and outdoor learning environment.





Worship then hometime

Early Years at King's Gate in action...

Class Showcase


Here are some useful websites for Early Learning:

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Here is a useful video explaining how we teach maths in Early Years!

EYFS home a fantastic free website

This is a page written by well known EYFS professionals including practical, play based learning ideas.

Phonics Play

A great website for practising letter sounds, reading sentences and checking those keywords out!

Teach your monster to read

This is a free page to use to support your child on their phonics and reading journey.