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Stig of the Dump

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This term, we will be reading the classic novel, Stig of the Dump, written by Clive King. The book relates the tale of a bored schoolboy, Barney, who meets a caveman called Stig living in an unofficial rubbish dump in a chalk pit. The two become unlikely friends and learn to communicate, as Barney helps Stig to refurbish his cave home with recycled rubbish from the dump.

Through the text, we will learn about when the Stone Age was in comparison to today and what life was like for people living in the Stone Age. As well as this, we will use the text to look at the tools and weapons Stone Age people used and how the development of these impacted life.

Towards the end of the learning through this book, we will be looking closely at Stonehenge; particularly how and why the monument was constructed as well as its significance. 



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