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Hello Everyone and welcome to our Year 2 and 3 Class Page!

Mrs Luedicke

Mrs Ullyott


Mrs Luedicke and I have been super impressed by the amazing start we've had and we cannot wait to share the rest of this year with you all!


On the rest of this page you'll find out more about our topics this term, the books we're reading in class and be able to see some of the fantastic work we'll complete. 


Homework!  Homework is a really important part of supporting your children to thrive!  In Year 2 and 3 we will be setting homework on Google Classroom Every Tuesday, to be completed by the Monday of the following week.


So, please feel free to explore and do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries, concerns or need any further information!

See you all very soon!


Mrs Ullyott





Excitingly, this year we are going to be able to practice our spellings both on paper, and by using the SpellingShed app, which you can access here:



TT Rockstars

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PE is on Monday afternoon each week!  Wrap up warm! We'll be outside!

Term 1 and 2

Heroes and Villains

Our topic this term will be based around these two brilliant books.  We will use the texts to explore the themes of Heroism and Villainy, creating our own stories about Traction Man, information texts about unusual pets, letters and fact files.  Our Geography work will also be taught within the context of the texts.


Heroes and Villains Knowledge Organiser

Heroes and Villains Quiz

During our first week back, week we worked together to create our class charter.  We do this so that we all understand our rights and responsibilities as a community of learners and we wanted to share with you the expectations that the children have of us and each other.  We were so impressed with the children's sensitivity towards and respect for each other.  What a truly remarkable bunch!




Term 1:  The Amazing World of Traction Man!

In our first week back, we began reading our first class text: TRACTION MAN IS HERE!  We all very much enjoyed reading the story and discovering the fantastic vocabulary within it.  We loved hearing about Traction Man and his pet Scrubbing Brush and loved the cliff hanger ending! But then ...

At the beginning of week two, we discovered a terrible thing.  Traction Man had been kidnapped by the Evil Scissors of Doom - his arch nemesis!  

Our challenge?  To write our heroes home ...


Term 2:  Finding Winnie

This term we are immersing ourselves in the lives of Harry Colebourn, a most remarkable bear named Winnie and of course Christopher Robin Milne.  

We’ve been tasting condensed milk, learning about the role of animals in WW1, and writing letters and stories using dialogue.  


Our challenge this time will be to re-write the story, from Winnie’s perspective... 



No Pens Day Wednesday

We all had an absolutely brilliant day on No Pens Day Wednesday! 

First, we followed instructions to make some fudge using condensed milk. 

While some of us waited for our turn, we started to recycle card into some light catcher panels. 

After lunch, we went on a mythical creature hunt around our wildlife area and then made some phenomenal clay sculptures to represent our creatures.

We finished our day by mindfully tasting our delicious fudge!  

Here are some of the pictures from our brilliant day ...

Military Working Brushes


The children have been working so hard for the last three weeks, learning all about real life animal heroes to help inspire them to write their own non-chronological reports.  Can you find yours?

The Spectacular Self-Portraits of The Super-Students of Year 2 and 3!