King's Gate Primary School


At King's Gate we teach a mastery approach to mathematics.  We teach pupils to understand mathematical concepts using the 5 Big ideas



 We use a coherent approach where concepts are built on in subsequent year groups.  Pupils can also see how concepts link and can be applied to different contexts.

We encourage pupils to visualise concepts by exploring how the can be represented and structured in different ways.

We build up a pupils knowledge of number facts by exploring the different ways they can be represented and understood.

We vary features of representations whilst keeping others the same to help pupils understand the features of the mathematical concept more clearly.

We use mathematical thinking to enable pupils to reason about a concept, look for patterns and apply it to different contexts.


A CPA Approach

In order to help pupils understand the different ways a concept such as a number of calculation might be represented, we use a CPA approach.

This simply means:

C - concrete - we use concrete materials [manipulatives] such as counters, base ten for instance, to help the pupil to visualise the concept and explore it practically.

P - pictorial - pictures are used to represent concepts [tens frames, bar models and part whole models are examples] and pupils are encouraged to make their own models of the problem being explored.

A - abstract - this is where numbers and symbols are used to show numbers and calculations.  This is often the most complicated part of understanding maths so the other approaches help to build up a child's understanding to this point.


Our Maths scheme

To enable us to teach using a mastery approach, we use the White Rose scheme for teaching maths.  The links below will take you to the White Rose website to view the yearly overview for each year group in maths:


EYFS maths scheme of learning

Year 1 maths scheme of learning

Year 2 maths scheme of learning

Year 3 maths scheme of learning

Year 4 maths scheme of learning

Year 5 maths scheme of learning

Year 6 maths scheme of learning

Support for parents

We recognise that supporting children with maths can be daunting for many parents.   

Click on the image below for a set of short videos that were produced by White Rose Maths during lockdown.  They are designed to take parents through some of the maths topics that parents often find confusing.

There are videos on:

Has maths changed?; Place value; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Fractions; Algebra

White Rose Maths have also produced an app for children to practise maths skills.  It is free to download and aimed at KS1 children.

The National Numeracy Challenge site gives advice and support for parents on helping their children with maths or becoming confident with maths themselves.