King's Gate Primary School

Welcome to Year 1 at King's Gate Primary School!

Miss Dodd

Mrs Piper



Welcome to Terms 1 and 2! 


This term, our topic of work is all based around superheroes and villains. We will be using the book 'Supertato' to explore fictional superheroes and what makes our Year 1 class full of superheroes! In term 2, we will be focusing on Traditional Fairy Tales. From this, we will be able to explore more about heroes and villains, as well as real-life heroes, such as our NHS workers and firefighters. 



Knowledge Organiser


Welcome to Terms 3 and 4!


Our topic this term is 'Out of This World'. Over term 3, we will be focusing on the text 'Bob, Man on the Moon'. During term 4, we will move on to focus on the story of 'Beegu'. Both of these texts will help us to extend our learning around events that happened beyond living memory (like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon!) and to learn lots of new technical skills in Design and Technology. 


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Welcome to Terms 5 and 6!


This term is all about 'What a Wonderful World' we live in. Over these two terms, we will be focusing on the world we live in and how we can look after it. The first focus text this term is 'Bee and Me'. This is a beautiful picture book which tells the story about a bumble bee and young girl. She finds ways to look after the bee and why the bee is so important within our environment. We will be exploring the environment and how we can live more sustainably. Next term, we will be looking at 'Nature's Tiny Miracle Bee'. We will be exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy and also our own local area!


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Our Learning in Year 1 


We will be able to plan our learning by linking the curriculum to our chosen texts, but we will also be able to follow the children's interests and tailor our learning to this. Now that we are in Year 1. we will be doing a mixture of whole class learning, group learning and independent learning. When we are learning independently, we might be doing one of our set key tasks or learning through play.  


Year 1 Timetable

Year 1 Curriculum Overview